The Gir National park is one of the most important places when it comes to protecting wildlife. Not only is it home to the ever diminishing number of Asiatic lions but also a dwelling place for various flora and fauna. The Nilgai (Blue bull), Wild boar, Four-Horned Antelopes etc. are some of the species that could be spotted in this wild expanse. More than 300 species of birds and several plant species form an integral part of this nature's paradise.

'Yes. This is Gir. The only Gir. I would never term her as a forest. Known as the dearest daughter of Raivatachal, Gir has a terrain which is quite different from all the known terrains of the world – it is widely unique and has a homely atmosphere which is very much alive and tempting. Sansai's crazy Gir… Any other description of this feminine entity apart from her own name doesn't do her any justice.' { Dhruv Bhatt – (a famous Gujarati Author in his novel "Akoopar", which vividly describes his experience in Gir.)}

Other than the Asiatic Lions, Gir is home to the Maldhari tribesmen who have been settled there since ages. One of the most interesting facts about them is that in a sanctuary dedicated to lions, they live in houses without doors. On being interviewed, a Maldhari woman says – "I would never ever leave this place and move out to some city. This is where my life started and this is where it should end…"