Tour Plan

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We believe that every guest is special. And that is why we have wonderful plans for you so that not only you get to know the ambience of this forest but also get a touch of unique experiences that not many people are lucky to find. All the tour packages include pick up and drop facilities from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar, which are some of the major cities of Gujarat. And here is a list of some of the beautiful things that you could have never dreamt of experiencing in this sanctuary.

Visit this sanctuary and see all the natural and religious sites along with spotting some of the wild animals and birds dwelling in their natural habitat. Do not even forget to bring along your cameras and cam-corders because we have a feeling that you may like to retain these memories for a lifetime.

How would you feel if you are made to live in door-less houses in a place where wild beasts roam around? Not feeling too terrific about the idea isn't it! But the Maldhari tribesmen often live in such houses. Gir is as much a home to the Maldhari tribesmen as it is to the Asiatic lions and other species'. The literal meaning of Maldhari stands as "One who owns the livestock". They are so much accustomed to the wild habitat that they could spot a particular place in this vast sanctuary faster than a GPS could do. We will be happy to take you to their dwelling places and help you in getting a taste of their daily lives. Watching their folk-dances and especially the negro dance "Dhamaal" is something that you are going to relish.

A variety of diverse places flank this forest that are worth visiting – be it an ancient forest or a beach. The ancient fort of Uperkot built in 319 BC at Junagadh is hardly 60 kms from this beautiful sanctuary. This fort belongs to the Maurya dynasty and has many interesting and mysterious facts about it. The religious pilgrimage to Somnath and the exotic beaches of Diu are some of the other places that you would not like to miss. Some other cultural sites include Chorwad, Porbandar- the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, Palitana – the religious place of Jainism, and many others. We are sure that you will be delighted by the enigmatic experience of this rich culture and tradition that has been the life and times of all these places.

We have special plans for all of you who are interested in bird watching and exploring less known places. Apart from that we offer special "Katiyawari" dinner in farm-houses and later on camp fires at beautiful spots. Now, trust me… Words don't do much justice. This will be 'Once in a lifetime's experience'. Come and enjoy the great Indian courtesy and discover the nature's essence. Come and be a part of Gir.

We have tie-up with various types of the hotels in the region right from budget to luxury and resorts. Photographs of some of our link hotels are available in our photo gallery.